Best Tools To Do A Chin Up At Home

Chin ups or pull ups are probably the best way to work out the majority of back muscles using your own body weight for resistance. It not only will work on your back muscles, it will also target your abdominal muscles. This is because your abs have got to support your legs while they are hanging in the air.

Alot of people go through elaborate mechanics trying to secure a door gym chin up bar in their home or apartment. Some people get out the screw driver and drill and suspend a simple length of pipe in a door frame and they are good to go. However, I wouldn’t suggest that everyone take this route.

When you are thinking about doing chin ups or pull ups as part of a regular easy at home exercises, you will want to be sure that the bar you’ve put up is secure. But, you’ll also sleep better if you didn’t have to drill some holes into your wall or door too. A really simple solution is to get a door gym chin up bar like the Iron Gym or the P90X chin-up bar.

Each of these portable gyms will allow you to do even more than just pull ups. There are push ups and sit ups that you can use either for too. You can actually do all the essential home exercises with only one piece of equipment.

There are other ways that you can get some pull ups in, but it would probably save some time and headache on the front end by just getting a door way chin up bar that you can use without having to permanently drill it into place.

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