Bruce LeeRoy Steals Spotlight From Bad Boy Koscheck

Anyone watching the run up to this new season of The Ultimate Fighter has had to hear Josh Koscheck talk about making waves ( and a name for himself ) as “the guy people love to hate”. While he may have succeeded in this area, I don’t think it has anything to do with his intent. I just don’t think that people like a loud mouthed arrogant bast$@*!. Know what I mean?

One of Koscheck’s most recent displays of imbecility came after he fought Paul Daley when he needlessly insulted the majority of fans who came out to support Dana White’s cash cow in Montreal. He really doesn’t have to try to be the bad boy. It’s just who he is.

Unfortunately for him, this season of the Ultimate Fighter has a truly and genuinely charismatic figure in “Bruce LeeRoy” Alex Caceres. This kid is cocky without being obnoxious about it. That’s not to say that he’s not slightly obnoxious. It just isn’t because of his “bad assness” as we would see in a Koscheck. No, Caceres is obnoxious because of his modestly flamboyant excentricities. Such as the Zen like smile that he wears almost constantly. Or, the overly exaggerated “kung fu moves” he frequently does that are reminiscent of 70s chinese kung fu cinema. Or, even the wearing of traditional chinese tai ji gi’s.
All of these gestures capture perfectly the character of “Bruce Leeroy” of the cult classic movie “The Last Dragon” from back in 1985. Alex appears to revel in them and appears completely comfortable being this character. While it drives some of the more visceral fans of the ultimate fighter nuts, at the same time it over shadows Koscheck’s portrayal of the bad guy to GSP’s good guy and takes away much of the fuel that Koscheck seemed to be banking on that would make he and GSP’s upcoming fight the talk of this season’s episodes.

The Ultimate Fighter 12 Recap for Episode 2 of “Team GSP vs. Team

Team Koscheck” This week on The Ultimate Fighter 12, the lightweight cast arrives at the house and coaches Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck choose their teams before ‘Bruce Leeroy‘ Alex Caceres and Jeff Lentz meet in the first…

Publish Date: 09/23/2010 23:00

All of a sudden the attention of the audience is not on the two coaches but on a flamboyant showman who also appears to be a pretty nice guy.

What’s Josh gonna do about this?

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