Build Muscle Without Weights

Discover How To Build Muscle
Without Weights

So, you want to put on some muscle, get stronger, tone up the flab but don’t have the time, (or the desire) to spend hours at the gym? You’re not alone. There are thousands of people out there just like you who want to get in shape but don’t know exactly how to do it.

Did you know that you can build incredible amounts of lean muscle when you do workouts without weights? Keep reading…

You’ve probably thought about this for a long time and that’s what brought you to this website. Like many others, you’ve probably suspected that to get really strong, there’s really no need to have expensive equipment. Nope. You don’t have to join a gym. You don’t have to buy expensive machines. You don’t have to spend hours per week away from home or family in the gym, or in traffic!!

Athletes from the ancient Olympic games to present day gymnasts have always known, just like you, that using your own body weight is a far superior way to increase strength, endurance, and over-all control over your physical abilities, wouldn’t you agree?

You Can Start Training The Way You Want With The…


  • Feel Good
  • Get Stronger
  • Look Better
  • Seriously Impress The Opposite Sex!

Yep. You’ll will get ripped, burn calories, and turn heads! And, you will do this by learning how you can workout without weights.  The secret to building muscle with no weights is simple. Your body responds to lifting it’s own weight in a number of ways. All of which work to increase your neuro-muscular control over the whole system.

It’s Already A Proven Fact…

Scientific studies have proven that doing body weight exercises will simultaneously improve your balance, improve core stabilization, improve your reflexes all while increasing, not just the size of your muscles, but also the number of muscle cells in any given muscle. And this means bigger muscles with more definition.

Who Do You Really Want To Look Like…?

Bulky Or Lean Physique

When you think about “getting stronger” or “getting fit”, what picture comes to mind? Do you think of the big body builder type with muscles so huge you have to spend extra money to buy clothes that fit and that look good?

Or, would you rather look like James Bond Daniel Craig, or, for the ladies, have arms like Kelly Ripa? Have you ever wondered how someones gets a body like that? Have you ever wondered how you could get a body like that?

Well, it’s simple when you have a BodyWeight Blueprint. These days having a lean, muscular look will definitely turn heads. But, in addition to that, having lean firm muscles that are toned and cut guarantees that you will burn more calories and that the muscles are not just for show!

What Do Surfer Dudes And Gymnasts Have In Common That Most Just Don’t Get?

Unlike you, most people don’t fully appreciate the power of knowing how to exercise without using weights. This is because they don’t fully understand the power of their own bodies and how they can learn to harness and control it to build incredible bodies that command attention! If you are one of these skeptics I have two words for you: Gymnasts, and, Surfers!

Gymnasts and Surfers are world re-known for their respective physiques. The former for the incredible compact, dense, toned muscles that seem simply ready to burst with each swing on the rings or tumbling run. And the latter whose lean muscular frames are virtually absent of any, or all, body fat leaving only the ripped sinews that are as hard as steel.

The athletes, whether hobbyists, or compete officially, that enjoy these two sports aren’t usually found wasting time in the gym lifting weights. They train their bodies using their own body weight to acheive amazing physical results as well as acrobatic feats that become legend.

This doesn’t have to be limited to the elite. Even these professionals had to have a starting point somewhere. And that starting point was a desire to improve their overall fitness, just like you have. By following a step by step blueprint, anyone can make amazing gains in strength, endurance and overall appearance. For more information follow the link below for more information.