Iphone App For “Functional Fitness” and BodyWeight Exercises

The bodyweight exercise trend rolls on with an Iphone app that can walk you through a body weight exercise program according to your own fitness level.  An article in The New York Times describes briefly what this iphone fitness app does and what you can expect.

While a number of exercise apps tell you how to sculpt and tone in the gym, a new app from celebrity trainer Christine Hazelton does that as well as telling you how to work out when you don’t have a gym.

Called “Body Fate,” the $3.99 app puts users through a “functional fitness” routine, which concentrates on movements that work many muscles at once, which is said to increase overall fitness, strength and accelerate fat burning.

You can check out Body Fate's website here

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Muhammad Ali Knockouts

What can be said about the greatest boxer who has ever lived? There is a mystique that surrounds Muhammad Ali. Most people today in the 21st century may have heard of him, but the majority would not know exactly how Ali changed the face of boxing in the early 60s and then into the 70s.
He was not only a fierce competitor in the ring, he was a genius. His genius is seen in every aspect of his game. The footwork, the hand speed, the articulate verbal intimidation without being vulgar. Then there was his training discipline and his ability to be true to his integrity.
Unfortunately the technology of the time was not sophisticated enough to capture well this genius in motion but I thought that it might be fun to share some of the memorable Muhammad Ali knockouts.

Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London 1966

this shows the true speed of muhammad ali’s fists, 11 punches- 3 seconds

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams 1966

Muhammad Ali’s fight with Cleveland Williams- November 14 1966. Many consider this to be Ali’s best fight

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman Knockout

These are just a small sample of the greatness of Muhammad Ali. While the UFC and MMA have actually become more popular than boxing has been in recent years, there is not a fighter in the world who can’t appreciate how this man moved in the ring.

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Here are a few of our dip variations. These exercises are great for tricep strength and muscle development. They can be done in any power rack, and one uses power bands for muscle stability. We include these every few weeks and they are certainly cha…

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