3 Essential Moves For A Suspension Trainer Workout


Did you see the other article on using a suspension trainer? If you don’t have a lot of room, a lot of time, or a big budget,  using one of these may be just what you need.

It’s the real deal with bodyweight training. That’s because you can go way beyond just push ups or squats. There are scads of other exercises that you can do and that are a lot more challenging than your typical body weight exercises.

This is because, not only can you isolate a body part better. You can also multiply and maximize the resistance to your core by working on balance and stability.

Imagine trying to do any of the following exercises on a suspension trainer:

Reps: As many as possible in 30 sec. (each side) Rest: 0 sec. Attach a suspension trainer to a door frame or other sturdy object and stand on your left leg. Hold the handles and get into a lunge position with your rear knee bent—but keep your foot raised above the floor. Row your body to the handles while driving your right knee up in front of you.


Reps: As many as possible in 30 sec. (each side) Rest: 0 sec. Set the foot cradle of the suspension trainer to about a foot and a half above the floor and turn around. Raise your right foot and rest it inside the cradle. Bend your left knee so you descend into a lunge position.


Reps: As many as possible in 30 sec. (each side) Rest: 0 sec. Face the suspension trainer’s attachment point and hold one handle in your left hand. Pick up a water bottle (or some other source of light resistance) in your right hand as if you were going to press. Lean back so your body is in a straight line at an angle, suspended by the handle. Row your body up until the handle touches your ribs while pressing the right hand over your chest.

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Workout Without Weights At Home

You can get a satisfying workout without weights at home. This can be done simply and easily when you are in the habit of doing what’s called bodyweight or no weight exercises. This just means that you aren’t using dumbbells, barbells, or any type of equipment for resistance. The only resistance is you lifting or supporting your body weights against gravity.

Many people don’t realize that an easy way to workout at home is to specifically do body weight exercises. They think that, since you aren’t lifting weights or using machines that you cannot get a good workout in. This is a misconception that a lot of people have and isn’t true.

I would like to suggest that if you chose to do a workout without weights at home and were honest about it, that you would actually get a better workout than if you went to the gym. You want proof? Alright, how many push ups can you do right now? How many sit ups can you do? Can you do any pull ups? How many?

If you are like the average person, you will only be able to crank out a few repetitions of the movements listed above. This isn’t an indication that you are weak. This is simply an indication of how strong you are actually. Most people when they go to the gym like to lift only the amount of weight that they can comfortably lift doing 3 sets of 10 reps. It’s easy to adjust the weight to where you are comfortable and do your 30 reps. However, this could give you the false sense of security that you are actually doing more work than you think you are.

When you do bodyweight exercises, there is no cheating. There is only your bodyweight and gravity. The more you can lift your own body weight against gravity, the stronger your overall body is going to be. Doing bodyweight exercises will help you to build strong, dense muscles. And, while your muscles may not get super huge, they will get bigger and more defined. Consistent training will improve your coordination, metabolism to burn more calories, physique, and mental outlook.

Plus there may be another added advantage to doing a workout without weights at home. Namely, you spouse or sig other will enjoy watching you workout. It may even be an opportunity to do something else together. There is just something about watching the human form move, isn’t there?

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So, You’re Not Dating. What Are You Doing In The Mean Time?

Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Watch some TV. Go to bed. Wake up.  Does that sound familiar? It may if you are single and haven’t found” mr. or mrs. right”. This round of monotony is a pattern practiced by many who are longing to find someone special they can spend their time with.

I know a few people that have been caught in this whirlpool of self doubt, lack of motivation, and inactivity. In fact, I have been there too, in the past. It’s not fun. And part of the reason why it’s not fun is that its not productive at all. There is nothing that is being accomplished that gives you any level of satisfaction.

Many people get discouraged when they can meet someone. They may go to clubs, out to eat, even the gym, and still, no luck. Their efforts seem in vain and they start to think that there is something actually wrong with them. The real problem here is that it does start to show.

You can’t seem to meet a person that you’re interested in. Even if you do see someone interesting or even meet them, you don’t have a whole lot to offer because you have lost all confidence in yourself and your ability. Or, as some have found, you can’t seem to get anyone to be interested in you. So, what can be done?

Take control of the only thing you really have control of. Namely, you. The only thing that you can actually control in the whole universe is your choice. That’s it. You can’t control who speaks with you at the club or at work. You can’t control whether your car starts or it doesn’t. You can’t control whether your favorite restaurant has your favorite food on the menu. There is truly only one thing that you have direct control over at all.

Start exercising that control by starting to exercise for yourself. Not just to meet someone. Not the cute guy or girl that’s on the elliptical. Start a fitness program that leads you step by step through to an objective, whether that’s weight loss or building muscle. If you start with this in small steps you will reap huge results.

First of all, you won’t feel as though you are wasting your time. An exercise program is inherently productive. It satisfies human needs on so many different levels. A regular exercise program will lower blood pressure, reduce the risk or effects of diabetes, reduce your body fat, make your clothes fit better, increase your self esteem, change the way that you carry yourself, change the way people see/view you, and so on. Plus there is one more thing that exercising for yourself will do for you.

Exercising for yourself and whatever goals you choose, will actually give you something to talk about with the opposite sex (or the same for that matter). Look at it this way, you’ve gone to the store to get some gatorade, or protein powder, or even workout clothes. You see someone attractive in the store and approach them…”Hey, do you think that the material of this workout shirt really does keep you cooler and dryer or do you think I should just buy cotton? No, tell me what you think. Really. I have been doing this cool exercise routine that I started because of…”, or, “Have you ever bought this type of exercise bar/protein powder before? Do you know where they might be cheaper? I tend to go through a lot because I have this exercise routine that I am totally committed to and when I eat heavy I can’t do it as well”.

The point is that my lame scenarios may be a little over the top but the fact of the matter is this: You actually have a genuine, authentic topic to use as an entry that also makes you look even better than if you were just standing in line to buy some SaranWrap. Although, someone could also strike up a conversation about that I suppose.

Starting an exercise routine gives you purpose. It gives you direction. It gives you structure. It gives you something that can be spoken of with an aire of confidence, rather than you only having the wake up, go to work….story that no one will be interested in.

Look around for a good workout program. Start reaping the benefits today.

Many singles are out trolling for dates. A lot of time is wasted at clubs, bars, events, and etc.

Why not spend part of that time more productively and start working out at home. Do body weight exercises.

This will give you something to talk about when you do meet someone. Everyone loves fitness whether we are fit or not. Some people, however, do not like the superficiality of the health club or gym setting. But, if working out at home, you won’t have to worry about either one. Gym rats will love the fact that you’re working out and the more cerebral will appreciate the fact that you are doing it in a more natural and minimalistic way.

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TACFIT Commando is an excellent bodyweight training program. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to improve their physical presentation, but also build strong lean muscles.

TACFIT Leg Blaster Workout

www.TACFIT.tv Scott Sonnon teaches the basics of his killer leg workout for tactical fitness.

TACFIT Bodyweight Exercises for MMA

www.TacFitTraining.com for MORE. I learned these 2 unique exercises from my bud Adam Steer, who is a student of Scott Sonnon, creator of the TACFIT Commando program.

www.TacFitTraining.com Check out these 2 pushup variations from Scott Sonnon and the guys behind the TACFIT Commando Program… The first is the Screw Pushup which is a variation that will improve shoulder endurance and mobility, watch for the second one.

The Tacfit program is extreme bodyweight training that builds strength and explosive power.   And the TACFIT Commando workout routines generally take only 20 minutes to do. Their emphasis is on intense exercises that are functional. These exercises will build  lean, strong muscles that won’t slow you down.

The really cool thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can do them anywhere. You don’t need a whole lot of time, or equipment to get a good workout in.

Get More Information About TACFIT

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Workout Without Weights Sample Routine

Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced Workout Routine Outline

Download At End Of This Article


A lot of people are searching for a workout without weights routine. Most of the people that have contacted me are interested in learning how they can start a simple workout routine that they can do at home without having to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Because of this I put together an outline of a sample beginner exercise routine that you can do without having to use weights or expensive equipment. However, I do want to say that, while these exercises don’t require any equipment, you may decide in the future to invest in certain pieces of equipment that will maximize your home workout routine. Items such as the perfect push up or the P90X chin-up bar will come in handy and really pay dividends in the long run.
Ground Rules

  • A good beginners workout without weights routine will:
  • Be simple and target all major muscle groups
  • Require minimal effort initially and increase to moderate in second week.
  • Be performed consistently and regularly
  • Be performed 3 times per week for 2 weeks (the first week acclimates you to the exercises)

There are 4 groups of exercises in this beginner routine that are divided into 2 parts focusing on opposite/complimentary muscle groups.  The first week allow 60 seconds rest between ‘groups’ and then decrease to 30 seconds rest between groups in the 2nd week.

The Routine
Group 1 A) Supine bridge (lying face up lifting your hips as high as you can x 8 reps – immediately go to:
1 B) The Plank and hold for 15 seconds – do this cycle 2 more times.

Group 2 A) Squat with hands behind head x 12 reps – immediately go to:
2 B) The Bird Dog arm and leg extension while on all fours x 5 reps
Do 2 more sets of these

Group 3 A) kneeling push up x 8 reps – Immediately go to:
3 B) Side Plank and hold rigid for 5 seconds
Do 2 more sets of these

Group 4 A) Theraband/Theratubing Pull from hands in front of chest to hands out to side x 15 reps – immediately go to:
4 B) Abdominal curl x 15 reps
Do 2 more sets.


Did you know that you can get more information, including photos of the specific exercises of this beginner workout without weights routine?

By signing up for free email updates to this website I will send you a Free Bonus Report that outlines the beginner, intermediate, and advanced Body Weight Workout Routine that you started on this website. This report is complete with a workout schedule, step by step instructions and full color photos of each exercise outlined.

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