Workout Reviews: Push Up Routines

Here are some of the latest from around the web of push up routines. Enjoy.

Basic Exercise Plans : How to Do Military Push-Ups

Military push-ups strengthen the muscles of the arm and help to create a straight core. Do military push-ups with tips from a fitness director in this free video on exercise programs. Expert: Les Whitley Contact: Bio: L…

How to Work Out Properly : Tricep Push-Ups

Tricep push-ups are modified push-ups that work the tricep muscles with a specific positioning of the arms. Do tricep push-ups, either on the knees or on the toes, with tips from an experienced fitness and exercise guru in this free video on exercisi…

Exercise Clip – Dive Bomber Push-up with SGT Ken

Military Fitness exercise tip called “Dive Bomber Push-up.” This exercise is demonstrated by SGT Ken. For more information see: * Assumes no association with the US ARMY of the Department of Defense.

Strength Training Without Weights: Home Workout Without Equipment

Two staples of any bodyweight routine are pushups and squats. There are quite a few variations on these exercises that make them easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for advanced trainees. They are both compound exercises …

Publish Date: 07/29/2010 16:26

Lean Body Fitness, LLC: 200 Pushups in 5 Minutes

The other day I talked about Starting a Fat Loss Program and I used pushups as an example of a great exercise that uses a lot of muscle that when done, will lead to your body need more calories for the recovery process, thus burning …

Publish Date: 07/22/2010 5:14

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