George St. Pierre VS Koscheck

Or should I say “Team St. Pierre” vs “Team Koscheck”. That’s what it will be on Wednesday, Sept. 15th 2010 when the two MMA welterweights pit their coaching skills against one another on “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF). This is Dana White’s reality tv show/grooming stable/consumer hook that feeds his ever growing PPV empire called the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In each season TUF pits two fighters as team coaches against each other. The teams are comprised of roughly 14 fighters each who get to live together much like the MTV reality show whose title escapes me for some reason. Each week we get to see how the fighters are coached and trained. We then get to see competitions between two hand picked fighters in several weight classes. This goes on until there is 1 champion in each weight class. There can be only one, you know.

In addition to the behind the scenes look at how fighters are trained and groomed both coaches get to fight after the season ends. And this season is going to be culminate in the highly anticipated welterweight championship between challenger Koscheck and the reigning champ ( and arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC) Georges St. Pierre.

To add to the fireworks, each fighter already has sort of a alternate persona. This is probably due mostly to the way each fighter carries themselves. St. Pierre is looked at as the “good guy” and that leaves Josh Koscheck with the short stick. These perceptions are not without warrant though.

St. Pierre carries himself as someone who aspires to improve himself in all areas. He appears humble and modestly confident of his prowess. Josh Koscheck, on the other hand, seems like he has nothing better to do but be vulgar and offensive to most anyone he feels differs with him.

Their fight is to be held in December of 2010 in St. Pierre’s home town of Montreal, Quebec, Candada. Ironically, after Koschecks last victory over Paul Daley in Montreal, he, apparently without thinking ahead and for whatever reason, felt it necessary to tell the Montreal crowd the Pittsburgh Penguins would beat the Montreal Canadians in the Stanley Cup in a not so nice way. He then felt that this wasn’t enough and taunted them that he would beat home town favorite St. Pierre. After those two thoughtless comments, this guy invites the “fans” to his after party!! What a freakin’ moron.

Whether you like Josh or not, it’s silliness like this that actually will make you root for the other guy, whoever it is.

Stay tuned as I will keep track of how things are stacking up with these two.

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5 thoughts on “George St. Pierre VS Koscheck

  1. Agreed. GSP is a phenom in the area of MMA. I think back to that post on your blog about the mindset of the MMA fighter and I think this is where he is.
    His focus and dedication to continual improvement is amazing is on a par with his ability to raise his game in the octogon. Each fight he has is great.

    • Hey Alejandro. Thanks for stopping by. Montreal has a good ambassador in GSP. I don’t know how this guy stays so mild mannered but is the baddest welterweight on the planet!

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