Home Workouts Without Weights

Many people are looking for good home workouts without weights in order to tighten up their bodies and look better. And, finding a good way to workout without weights can be really simple if you just sit back and plan it out.

Like any exercise program, exercising with no weights will take a little time to get used to. Just like going to the gym to workout, it will take a little discipline to sit down and make a schedule. And, just like going to the gym, it will take a lot more discipline to stick to the schedule that you’ve outlined.

Choosing to do a bodyweight exercise program at home will ensure you of a few things that you may not get with a gym program. For one, bodyweight exercises train your total body and build real total body strength. It is really the only way that you can improve and increase core strength. In addition to core strength, you will increase your body awareness and have greater neuro-muscular control increasing your reflexes and reaction time.

When you are getting started, one of the first things to figure out with home workouts without weights is exactly which exercises you are going to get started with. After that, you’ll need to outline a weekly schedule or routine to follow. After that, you’ll want to set benchmark goals that will be indicators of when you will increase the intensity of the exercises that you’re doing. This can all be done with a simple sheet of paper.

For instance, most people will want to choose a cardio exercise, a couple of upper body exercises, a couple of lower body exercises, an abdominal exercise and a back exercise. If you’re really just beginning, the safest and most basic exercises are the best.

Cardio can be done by jogging or jumping rope. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to go run on a treadmill. You can put on your shoes and hit the streets. Or, if you have a bicycle, or jump rope you can start there.

For the upper body you can choose variations of the push-up and pull-up. While push-ups are easy to figure out, a pull up variation may take a little more creativity. But, don’t give up hope. While a pull-up can be done on an incline with a broomstick suspended between two bar stools, it might be just as easy to invest in a doorway pull-up device like the Iron Gym. This small investment will pay dividends in the future.

As far as the lower body goes, you can’t find a better overall exercise than the squat. Another excellent lower body exercise would be the lunge, or, you could do standing deadlifts without the barbell but with the same form.

As far as abdominals go, the crunch is easy and very familiar to most people. For the back, “superman”s, or even trunk extensions over a pillow on a chair or stool.

A typical schedule will have alternating days. on days 1,3,5, you can do upper body and abdominals. On days 2,4,6, lower body and back. Cardio can be done each day without any problems.

What you will want to do is pick a set number of reps of each that you can accomplish without hurting yourself or straining a muscle. You will keep that schedule for 2 weeks until you get comfortable with it and it comes easily. Once you can accomplish 2 sets of your specified number of reps, it will be time to increase your reps and/or sets.

By keeping a written exercise diary you will have a visual representation of the real progress that you are making. This will go a long way in boosting your motivation and keeping you on track.

Once you have been working on the basic exercises for about a month, your body will be conditioned to move to more advanced bodyweight exercises. You will find that doing home workouts without weights is more convenient, a lot less expensive and a lot more satisfying than a gym workout.

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