How To Do A Squat Without Weights

How To Squat Without WeightsThere are only a few exercises that can add strength and mass to your legs and hip muscles quickly. One of them is the squat. While it seems simple to do, if done incorrectly, over time it can lead to knee problems and potential back injuries. To perfect your form, I recommend doing them without weights.

One of the best ways to learn how to do a squat without weights is to actually practice sitting on a low stool or seat. When you are sitting on the seat/stool, your thighs should be near parallel with the floor. This will allow you to get low enough in the squat and not any lower. Once your thighs pass the parallel point and your knees bend greater than 100-110 degrees, it may be tough for you raise your body without exerting a lot of energy and possibly losing the correct form.

Now, once you have a stool this size, you’re ready to go. In order to learn how to do a squat without weights correctly, I recommend practicing sitting on the low stool relatively slowly as if to sit on an egg without breaking it. When you’re sitting down, you should lightly touch the seat surface with your butt and then reverse the process and come back to standing as slow as you went to sitting. Carry on for 10 or so reps.

By doing your squats this way, you will build the habit of correct form. Once you have the correct form, if you want to add weights onto it you can do so without sacrificing the good form.

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