Interval Training Timer App For IPod/IPhone

I want to share with everyone a cool little iphone app that can help you if your exercise program is a home workouts without weights or if you’re a runner, or bodybuilder. This handy little piece of software is an interval timer. But there are a couple of things that I like about this one more than others that I have tested.

The name of this application is called “gym boss”. I downloaded it from the Apple iTunes app store. The first thing that I like about it is that this little puppy is free. While it’s a pretty simple application and doesn’t have many graphics or other bells and whistles, who really needs those if you are working out?

The second thing that I like about this little program is that you can actually program the timer to your specific intervals. This comes in very handy for anyone who wants options to the predetermined intervals of most timers. And those who like to adjust their training times for any reason, you can do so.

The user interface is pretty straight forward and built on function. There are 5 pre-set interval timers that span the Tabata Protocol all the way over to a timer for lifting weights that prompts a change of sets/exercises by a tone that has a variety of options to choose from. The timer itself can be set at as little as 1 second intervals all the way up to 59:59 minute intervals. It’s pretty flexible and I’ll explain how easy it is to use.

Let’s say, for instance, you’ve downloaded the free workout routine, BER, that I am giving away on my site. The Body-weight exercise revolution fundamentals workout is primarily a time based exercise program. What this means that you don’t count reps, you count time. You can simply make a new timer and call it what you want and then go through the whole workout without having to watch the clock. Plus, if you find that you can crank out a particular exercise, and need more time to feel the burn, you can adjust the timer up pretty easily.

To sum up, the workout timer is called “Gym Boss”. It’s a free iphone application (although I use my Ipod). And while it does have preset workout times already loaded onto the software you can make any number of personal and new timers to go with any workout you’re working on.

I recommend using it with the Body-Weight Exercise Revolution, BER, routine that I’ll send you via email. I would love to hear what other types of timers and equipment you’re using to meet your fitness goals.

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5 thoughts on “Interval Training Timer App For IPod/IPhone

  1. I do use Gym boss but I also have;
    -Bleep test for the Beep test,
    -GPS lite for when I go for run to workout my distance covered,
    – Yoga lite for my yoga classes and to ensure I wake up early in the morning at my best time I use
    -Sleep cycle that wakes me up at my lightest sleep phase.

    • Quite the collection, Raymond. There are some good bits of software out there that can help with most any type and aspect of someone’s fitness routine. You probably have a lot of information about your particular uses that I am sure people would find interesting.

  2. Hi

    I have the actual gymboss timer not the ipod app and it has been a real help to my training. I do a lot of boxing training at home on the bag but timing the rounds was a pain. Now with this I can just set it up with the intervals I want and work to full intensity and not worry about the clock. I find I now get a much better and harder workout. Also great for circuit training.



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