Martial Arts Fitness Training – BodyWeight Workout Outside The Dojo

In the recent past Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition has become increasingly popular. But, it also provides a competing image to what most people thought of martial artists. 20-30 years ago the prevailing persona of a martial artist was sort of like a philosopher that lead a pretty minimalistic life. And, even though they may have looked like your average person they seemed able to perform amazing acts of physical power that appeared to go against natural laws. Today, in the 21st century, the martial artists of the UFC and Strikeforce look more like the stuff of nightmares but equally demonstrating physical abilities that seem more than humanly possible.

Martial arts fitness training and martial arts conditioning exercises have been respected by many athletes and hardcore fitness folks because of the results they produced. Even before Bruce Lee took fitness to the next level in martial arts circles, each art made an emphasis on developing mind and body through rigorous physical training.

It doesn’t really matter what your image of the martial artist is. Let’s face it, the conditioning and physical training required to master the human body takes a whole lot of effort.

Whether you’re in a dojo, or, the octogon, the preferred method of martial arts fitness training is a workout without weights. Fighters have found that by using their own bodyweight as resistance against gravity a more complete workout can be obtained in a shorter period of time.

Routines that include exercises like the ‘plank’, tabata squats, ‘mountain climbers’, and the familiar push up and pull up are easy to do at home exercises. For a greater challenge you can increase the intensity of many of these moves by simply ‘slowing down’ or changing your body position.

Doing bodyweight interval training is also a way to get your heart pounding while at the same time improving core stability and overall muscular strength.

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  1. Martial arts has always been my favourite workout without weights. I started learning in 1992, and until then I had only done a little weight training since leaving school. The drills in the martial arts class were always high intensity and I have actually never been as fit as I was after my first year doing Shaolin kung-fu!

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