Mountain Climber Exercise

Mountain Climber Exercise

A good whole body workout that incorporates strengthening as well as cardio is “The Mountain Climber Exercise”. This particular movement is done from the “push up” position where you alternate bringing one knee forward toward the same side elbow and then back to the original push up position.

You can start this exercise out slowly and then increase the rhythm and tempo as you become a little more comfortable with it. Either way, whether you do it slow or fast, you’ll feel it in your abs and in your arms and shoulders.

Because you are stabilizing your body weight through your shoulders for the entire time, if you have shoulder problems, this might not be for you. And, even if you don’t have shoulder problems, you may just want to start off with sets of 10 reps each and maybe go for 5 sets. Done like this for a week or two will get you ready to speed it up and/or add other exercises to your routine.

The Mountain Climber Exercise is a great way to workout without weights.

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