Bikes For Fat People

I have to say that one of the biggest challenges is during my career as a physical therapist has been working with larger people. I found that a workout without weights was easier and more appropriate than trying to get them to get onto the machines.

One of the primary reasons for this is that the machines were not made to accommodate larger people. Another reason for this is that adding more resistance to the load that they were already carrying around appeared to be more of a burden than something that they actually wanted to do.

One of the main things that I realized that my heavy patients wanted to do was ride a bike. In fact, they would frequently ask me “Do they make bikes for fat people?”. To which I would answer, “I don’t know”. I had never actually attempted to buy a bike for the larger set. So I decided to do a little research.

For all those looking for “bikes for fat people” I have found two resources that seem good. One is at BrylaneHome. This retailer has a section for plus sized living and has many other things for heavy people.

Another site that is specifically for bicycles for overweight persons is SuperSized Cycles. This website caters to those that have difficulty finding bikes that fit. And the site appears to be updated regularly.

One of the apparent contradictions of the whole health and fitness movements is the glaring absence of equipment made for those who society says needs it the most! There is a huge market awaiting some aspiring entrepreneur!


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Martial Arts Fitness Training – BodyWeight Workout Outside The Dojo

In the recent past Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition has become increasingly popular. But, it also provides a competing image to what most people thought of martial artists. 20-30 years ago the prevailing persona of a martial artist was sort of like a philosopher that lead a pretty minimalistic life. And, even though they may have looked like your average person they seemed able to perform amazing acts of physical power that appeared to go against natural laws. Today, in the 21st century, the martial artists of the UFC and Strikeforce look more like the stuff of nightmares but equally demonstrating physical abilities that seem more than humanly possible.

Martial arts fitness training and martial arts conditioning exercises have been respected by many athletes and hardcore fitness folks because of the results they produced. Even before Bruce Lee took fitness to the next level in martial arts circles, each art made an emphasis on developing mind and body through rigorous physical training.

It doesn’t really matter what your image of the martial artist is. Let’s face it, the conditioning and physical training required to master the human body takes a whole lot of effort.

Whether you’re in a dojo, or, the octogon, the preferred method of martial arts fitness training is a workout without weights. Fighters have found that by using their own bodyweight as resistance against gravity a more complete workout can be obtained in a shorter period of time.

Routines that include exercises like the ‘plank’, tabata squats, ‘mountain climbers’, and the familiar push up and pull up are easy to do at home exercises. For a greater challenge you can increase the intensity of many of these moves by simply ‘slowing down’ or changing your body position.

Doing bodyweight interval training is also a way to get your heart pounding while at the same time improving core stability and overall muscular strength.

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Workout Without Weights Sample Routine

Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced Workout Routine Outline

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A lot of people are searching for a workout without weights routine. Most of the people that have contacted me are interested in learning how they can start a simple workout routine that they can do at home without having to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Because of this I put together an outline of a sample beginner exercise routine that you can do without having to use weights or expensive equipment. However, I do want to say that, while these exercises don’t require any equipment, you may decide in the future to invest in certain pieces of equipment that will maximize your home workout routine. Items such as the perfect push up or the P90X chin-up bar will come in handy and really pay dividends in the long run.
Ground Rules

  • A good beginners workout without weights routine will:
  • Be simple and target all major muscle groups
  • Require minimal effort initially and increase to moderate in second week.
  • Be performed consistently and regularly
  • Be performed 3 times per week for 2 weeks (the first week acclimates you to the exercises)

There are 4 groups of exercises in this beginner routine that are divided into 2 parts focusing on opposite/complimentary muscle groups.  The first week allow 60 seconds rest between ‘groups’ and then decrease to 30 seconds rest between groups in the 2nd week.

The Routine
Group 1 A) Supine bridge (lying face up lifting your hips as high as you can x 8 reps – immediately go to:
1 B) The Plank and hold for 15 seconds – do this cycle 2 more times.

Group 2 A) Squat with hands behind head x 12 reps – immediately go to:
2 B) The Bird Dog arm and leg extension while on all fours x 5 reps
Do 2 more sets of these

Group 3 A) kneeling push up x 8 reps – Immediately go to:
3 B) Side Plank and hold rigid for 5 seconds
Do 2 more sets of these

Group 4 A) Theraband/Theratubing Pull from hands in front of chest to hands out to side x 15 reps – immediately go to:
4 B) Abdominal curl x 15 reps
Do 2 more sets.


Did you know that you can get more information, including photos of the specific exercises of this beginner workout without weights routine?

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Muhammad Ali Knockouts

What can be said about the greatest boxer who has ever lived? There is a mystique that surrounds Muhammad Ali. Most people today in the 21st century may have heard of him, but the majority would not know exactly how Ali changed the face of boxing in the early 60s and then into the 70s.
He was not only a fierce competitor in the ring, he was a genius. His genius is seen in every aspect of his game. The footwork, the hand speed, the articulate verbal intimidation without being vulgar. Then there was his training discipline and his ability to be true to his integrity.
Unfortunately the technology of the time was not sophisticated enough to capture well this genius in motion but I thought that it might be fun to share some of the memorable Muhammad Ali knockouts.

Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London 1966

this shows the true speed of muhammad ali’s fists, 11 punches- 3 seconds

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams 1966

Muhammad Ali’s fight with Cleveland Williams- November 14 1966. Many consider this to be Ali’s best fight

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman Knockout

These are just a small sample of the greatness of Muhammad Ali. While the UFC and MMA have actually become more popular than boxing has been in recent years, there is not a fighter in the world who can’t appreciate how this man moved in the ring.

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