Why Use The Push Up Handle

There is really no other exercise that you can do, except for weight training, that tones and builds the pec and triceps muscles more effectively than do push-ups. Most people resort to doing them on the floor. But there’s a better way to work more of your pecs. The easiest way to do this is get a couple of push up handles. They are also known as push up bars, or push up stands.
For those who don’t know, what the push up handle does is elevate your hands above the ground thereby allowing you to perform a deeper push up. This works the pecs in a greater range of motion and gives you a greater stretch.
Most push up stands are really compact. This means that they are easy to store so they don’t really get in the way like weights do. Most can fit in a suitcase and many people use these when traveling as a way to continue with a push up exercise routine.
While most people think of the push up as primarily a chest exercise, they are also great for core fitness. Working from the push up position there are many variables that allow you to really work your abdominals and hip flexor stabilization muscles.
There are several push up bars you can choose from and they all have their benefits. The harbinger padded handle push up bars were mad popular by the P90X workout program. These push up bars are padded as to prevent a lot of pressure on the palms or hands while doing the exercises. Many people like them because of the padding and also the shape because they do look unique. One big problem that most people have is that you can only do push ups from the “neutral” position and not wide or narrow based push ups due to discomfort on the hands and a feeling of instability.
Then there are the typical push up handles like the Go Fit company sells. These look like the curved pieces of metal that many are familiar with. These are fairly stable but don’t have the padding that the harbinger padded push up handles have. A lot of people like these because they are uncomplicated and familiar.
Then there is the perfect push up handle. These were supposedly designed by a person in the Navy Seals. The perfect push up handles allow your wrists to rotate while you are doing the exercises. This rotational movement takes the stress off your wrists while exercising. What some have said is that they cannot do as many push ups with the perfect push up handles because these units require you to really stabilize your wrists while doing the exercises. The perfect push up handles make it very hard to “cheat”. All the motion is isolated and the instability of the rotational handles require you to really focus on keeping all your muscles working.
If your wrists are weak or have arthritis in your wrists push up handles are for you. Most with arthritis will like any of the push up bars due to the fact that they tend to keep your wrists in a more neutral position and so, they reduce the strain on your wrists.

What makes a push up workout routine great is that they are an excellent upper body workout. It takes up virtually no space in your apartment or home. In fact, a good home gym could be just a pair of push up handles, an exercise ball, and door gym chin up bar like the iron gym.

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Easy At Home Exercises

A lot of people search the web to find easy at home exercises to do. Any exercise that’s worth doing isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean that it’s hard either.

I think when people are looking for an “easy” exercise, they are looking for something that’s not complex. Something that doesn’t require fancy or expensive equipment. And, something that doesn’t require a trip to the gym. Let’s face it, sometimes the mood may strike you to exercise when it’s not that simple to get to the gym. Or, you may just have to squeeze a workout in between washing the clothes or heading out for the night. You don’t have time to get to the gym.

Another thing that I think people are looking for when they type “easy at home exercises” into Google is an exercise that gives you a good workout. An exercise that you can feel good about after you’ve done it. An exercise that gives you a sense of accomplishment once you’re done with it.

Discover an exercise program that’s simple…That’s easy…And that gives you the satisfaction  of knowing that, when you’re done, you’ve had a whole body workout!

So there you have it. That’s what I think people are looking for when they search for an easy to do exercise at home. Simple. Not complex. Not a lot of moving parts. Something you can do in the living room and then head to your own shower and then get the rest of your work done afterwards without a lot of time on the road.

So, what are some easy at home exercises? There are a lot to choose from. I will mention two or three of them just to get your imagination started.

Jump Rope Fitness – Rope Jumping benefits your cardio vascular system, as well as builds muscle and strength in the lower legs and calves especially. Also, a fact that is overlooked quite a bit is the fact that when you do jump rope exercise, your biceps and forearms are working continuously. This means that jumping rope is a good way to tone your arms.

A good jump rope exercise routine to start out with is just trying to jump continuously for 3 minutes with a 1 minute rest in between. This is similar to a jump rope boxing workout. Amateur boxing matches are 3 rounds. So, see if you can do 3 x 3 minutes with a minute in between. Do this on a daily basis and advance as able. You will be pleasantly surprised with how good a workout you get.

Mountain Climber Exercise – I wrote a post on this exercise. This is an incredible workout. I recommend starting out slow and steady from the “push up position”. Begin by bringing one knee up toward the same side elbow. Try to rest as much of the toe as you can flat on the floor. And then return it to the starting position and bring the opposite foot/knee forward.

When you do the Mountain Climber slowly, you will feel your abs start to burn, your shoulders working hard to stabilize, and you will feel your hips begin to stretch and loosen up. Start with 3 sets of 20 reps each leg. You will feel this one. Once you are really comfortable with the movement, start to increase your speed.

Dive Bomber Pushup – This is another exercise that calls for a lot of shoulder stability. However, instead of moving your legs, your feet stay in one spot as you move your body through the particular motion.

You start the dive bomber in a modified push up position with your butt in the air and feet and hands planted firmly and head pointed toward the ground. You then drop your head forward and toward the ground and then bring it upward in a sweeping motion as the rest of your body follows. The exercise gets its name from airplane maneuvers in the past where the plane would dive toward the target, drop it’s payload of bombs and then swoosh back upward into the air to avoid the concussion of the bomb blasts.

These three exercises are excellent easy at home exercises that will get you in shape fast.

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In order to do a squat properly takes not only strength but good balance. To perform a squat correctly requires an incredible amount of neuro-muscular integration to keep the body mass centered and not tip one way or the other.

What Muscles Do Squats Work?

Many people don’t realize the number of muscles that are actually at work when you do a squat. Here is a list of the major muscles used when you do a squat:

  • The quads
  • The Hamstrings
  • The Gluteus Maximus
  • The Low Back, Thoracic, and Cervical Erector Spinae
  • The Tibialis Anterior (front of the Calf)
  • The Gastroc and Plantar Flexor complexes
  • And your Heart!

And this is just the motion of squatting without using your arms! Done slowly, deep, and deliberately will build core strength as well as muscle mass.

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