She’s Waitin’ For You To Finish Your Workout, Dude.

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Understanding what she’s up to is always a challenge. But, one thing is for sure, you can’t read her mind. But what is possible is that you can watch her. Watch her….watch her…out of the corner of your eye. Watch her.

Men your women will love to watch you workout. No, you don’t have to be naked or have on a G-String. If she wants you to do this then the exercise is just frosting.

But, seriously, one of the best things that a guy can do is to sit down and consider all the fitness programs available. Ask your girl which one she likes for you and then ask her why. The reason you do this is simply to keep her as interested as possible. Once you two find one, settle on it, then commit to it. If the program lasts 6 months stick to it for six months.

I wouldn’t go too much longer than 6 months. The interest wanes and the routine will sometimes go by the wayside. One thing  remedy this is to have 3-4 month goals and have her help you measure your goals.

Incoporate her ideas into your workout routine. Subconsciously she appreciates the fact that you feel good enough about you to share with something that is this significant.

I wouldn’t make the exercise sessions too long. Lay down the law with this. If your sessions goo too long, that special mood will come and go without anyone suspecting. Now, we don’t want that. You wan’t your sessions last no more than 40 minutes at the most.

The reason for this is obvious but I will share it with you. Women like to watch. They like to watch policemen giving out tickets. We all know that they like to watch the construction type  worker do their thing. And, let’s face it, some of these guys don’t actually look like a catch to bring home either. But that’s not the point. The women like it. That’s all that matters at this point.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that women may find attractive in these guys.

  • They look rugged.
  • They look manly.
  • They are dirty.
  • They smell of male pheromones
  • They are doing legitimate work.
  • They look like they know what they are doing.
  • And, generally, their muscles are pumped!

So, how could you tailor a home workout routine after the sort of guy that you woman finds worth looking at from time to time? What could you do to add some spice to your training is coming to the fore as the optimum way for, not only the professional athlete to train, but also for us everyday people also. To put it simply, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, is nothing more than adding short bursts of intense exercise activity (typically aeroibic) to what you normally already do.

Many who have abandoned the gym culture for the more natual and convenient setting of their own garage, driveway, a spare bedroom, or even a nearby park have found how they can get all the benefits of the gym routine just by adopting a high intensity exercise program. The keep doing their own regular workout routine and then add a little spice into it with HIIT.

Research is constantly showing that high intensity resistance training will do a number of positive things.

  • Increase the amount of fat burned
  • Increase Protein synthesis to add muscle mass
  • Improve bone structure
  • and improve you heart function.

one of the easiest ways to work in hi-intensity training into you routine is simply adopt a sprinting regime. 30 seconds of spinting and 60 seconds revoery.will not only build your aerobic but strength also. try and do as many of these 30/60 second cycles as you can and look for other ways to incorporate HIIT into your workouts.

This is one way to shorten your workout time but also get an intense workout. This allows you to do the workout at home or fairly close to home where your significant other  can keep her eye on you. She will appreciate all the hard work you’re putting in and the results you both get as a pay off and my bet is that she will let you know this one way or the other.

Happy Trails.

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