Strength Training Without Weights

When strength training without weights, as with lifting weights, we use the resistance to muscular contraction to build overall bodily strength. Some feel that this is a more natural way to perform strength training.

When properly performed, strength training without weights can provide significant functional benefits. This is done by improving your overall health and well being.

Benefits such as increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength are common. You will also get improved joint function along with a reduction in the potential for injury while doing your everyday activities.

Strength training without weights has also shown to increase bone density, provide a temporary increase in metabolism which helps to burn fat calories. In general your cardio-vascular system is improved which can reduce your chance for heart attack or stroke.

Training without weights uses the technique of increasing muscule effort progressively by increasing the number of reps, increasing the degree of difficulty by different body positions. These increases in muscular effort are what causes the muscle to grow.

While strength training using no weight is primarily an anaerobic activity, the fact that you are increasing muscle size will increase your ability to burn calories. So, while it’s not technically aerobic, you can still lose weight by strength training.

Using the principle of progressive muscular overload your muscles respond by growing larger and stronger. You can ‘progressively’ overload the muscles by trying to perform a particular exercise without weights to the point of muscular failure. Muscular failure is that point where you cannot get anything out of your muscles.

As you make gains in strength and endurance you continually increase the amount of exercise that you are doing. As was said before, you want to attempt to take your muscles to the point of failure, or not being able to complete a repitition. That is where the magic happens.

Body weight training can be a very effective form of strength training without weights. This is because specific exercises can be chosen and performed anywhere without the need for expensive gym equipment. Also body weight exercises are a great way to safely exhaust each individual muscle or group without the fear of injury or severe muscle strain.

Strength training without weights is a good way to improve your overall health and conditioning. It’s safe to perform and also can be done anywhere, at anytime.

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