Suspension Training Techniques

Suspension trainers can give you a good workout. You can get a full body workout without weights using one. The TRX is probably the most popular brand that you can get. They have put out a lot of videos that give you an idea of just what’s possible with a suspension training system.

Workout Wednesday: The TRX Suspension Trainer! Fraser Quelch of Fitness Anywhere gives Sean Croxton a beating on the TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX is available at the UWTV website or at http Please visit our websites!…

TRX Suspension Trainer, what is it?

The TRX Suspension Trainer delivers greater functionality and versatility than large, expensive machines. Combine the exercises of a cable cross-over machine, a complete set of dumbbells, and a Stability ball and you start to get an idea of what the …

MMA athlete, Brandon Vera, does a lot of cross training and has worked with the TRX system.

Brandon Vera Trains on TRX (EXTENDED VERSION)

This is a documentary short of UFC fighter, Brandon Vera, interviewed during a photo shoot at his home and his training center, Alliance Training Center. Listen to Brandon discuss his training regiment and how he implements TRX Suspension Training in…

If you are pretty handy, you don’t have to go into your pockets and spend a lot to get one of these babies. You can make a decent one for under 50 bucks or so. I think that making one yourself may actually add to your exercise routine. There are a couple of good DIY videos I’ve added here. Enjoy.

DIY Suspension Trainer

My DIY Suspension Trainer

Make Your Own Suspension Trainer

How to make your own suspension trainer (similar in function that of blast straps and the TRX system). Extremely versatile and can be adjusted in length to suit any upper body, lower body, or trunk exercise.

This is just one way to get a good workout in when you can’t get to the gym.

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6 thoughts on “Suspension Training Techniques

    • Yeah Carrie,
      I’ve seen it and heard of it. puts this one out and it’s a lot cheaper than the TRX. If you are watching your finances but don’t feel comfortable making a suspension trainer yourself, this is definitely a good alternative from a company that focuses on fitness and bodyweight training.

  1. I made the home version of the suspension trainer posted on youtube. It works great and feels secure. After using it for 3 days my abs are way more fatigued than when I do 45 minutes of pilates reformer work. My 11 year old son also used it and it really helped him eliminate substitutions and control his alignment during upper and lower body exercises. Hopefully this will help him develop the strength to do those regular push ups his older team members perform so easily. Plus he doesn’t need constant cueing and repositioning from me to get the exercises just right.

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