Why Should You Use Bodyweight Exercises To Build Strength?

Why Should You Use Bodyweight Exercises To Build Strength?

Author: Kevin Gianni

There are many different reasons for using bodyweight exercises for increasing strength, but these five reasons are considered by many to be the most important.

No fear, no excuses.

Anyone can do bodyweight exercises to build strength. There are exercises to meet every fitness level from beginner to advanced.

Think you don’t have enough energy to exercise? Take just ten minutes to add a few bodyweight exercises to your day for one week, and see how fast you increase your energy.

Think you don’t have time to exercise because you travel or work long hours? You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere, even when traveling. You don’t even need to pack anything special.

You don’t have spend a lot of money or leave your home.

You don’t need to purchase an expensive gym membership or purchase expensive equipment for your home. Bodyweight exercises may be done at home in any room of your house. You can even do them with your children. Go outside, do them on the patio, who knows, you may get a neighbor involved to cheer you on or as an exercise partner.

Worried about what you may look like at the gym? Out of “shape?” Not accustomed to exercising? Don’t have the “right” clothes. None of that matters when using bodyweight exercises to gain strength. Wear whatever you like, forget the make up and hair and trying to compete with the person next to you by doing bodyweight exercises.

Rent DVD’s with bodyweight exercises instead of hiring a personal trainer. Save the money that you would spend on expensive equipment or trainers and by some things that you really want – like new clothes to show off your new body.

Variety is the spice of. . . bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are never boring. There are several tried and true exercises familiar to everyone, but with so many different variations in technique, position, leverage and resistance exercises. There are over 100 different types of push ups that can be done. Not only do these variations in bodyweight exercises increase strength but they keep even the experienced exerciser from becoming uninterested in exercising regularly. The more interested in your bodyweight exercise you are the more likely you are to do it consistently.

Bodyweight exercises for strength are safer and cause fewer injuries than other forms of exercise.
Some other forms of muscle strengthening can cause injuries. Quite often these injuries occur in the forms of sprains, strains, and injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. The form and technique of bodyweight exercises actually strengthens your tendons and ligaments, building overall body strength not just muscle.

Benefits to your whole life, not just your strength, through bodyweight exercises.

– Your body is physically fit, and attractive.
– Your stamina, flexibility, and endurance are increased.
– You can achieve results in by increasing your circulation, lowering your cholesterol, and making yourself “heart-healthy.”
– You will have more energy.
– You will have more time to do the other things you want to do.
– You can add to your enjoyment of life.

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About the Author
Kevin Gianni is an internationally recognized health advocate, author & film consultant. He has helped thousands of people take control of their own health naturally through teleseminars & programs. To find out more about Bodyweight Exercises, & get a Free report “The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Toning” visit Renegade Bodyweight Exercises at http://www.RenegadeBody.com

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I am directing this post to all the readers and visitors who haven’t grabbed their free copy of the Body-weight Exercise Fundementals workout program. I wanted to tell you a little more about the book and something about my own personal experience while doing the workout itself.

This exercise program is surprisingly different than what I was anticipating. While it’s a simple program, it’s fairly comprehensive at the same time. In fact, the workout program that I’ll send you is a detailed systematic workout without weights. And one of the best things about it is that each session can be done in under 20 minutes each.

Since it’s a bodyweight workout, there is no emphasis on “lifting a certain amount”. The main focus is on natural body motions which the authors and coaches have dubbed “the 6 degrees of motion”. And to be honest, they make a pretty good case as to why this is more important than just being able to lift heavy weights. But, I’ll leave that for you to discover on your own.

Like I said above, the program itself is pretty simple. What makes it challenging is that the week after week progression increases the level of movement sophistication. What initially started as a simple push up has become the incredibly challenging “quad squat”. To add to your fitness pleasure, the routine is based on interval training causing you to move smoothly from one movement to the next in 30 seconds or so, until the required sets are complete.

The authors encourage you to count reps, however, I have found this to be something that is more appropriate for advanced practitioners to be pre-occupied with. I find myself struggling with “trying to get my body to do the movement right” rather than counting how many I’ve done (or not done as the case usually is).

But this is the point behind being able to perform body weight exercises proficiently. It seems that this approach to fitness and strength training is about the development of functional strength. Integrated strength. The ability and awarness to control your body when demands are placed on it that require strength and (dare I say it?), graceful.

While the BER is meant to be a stand alone fitness program, it’s not at all exclusive. In fact, if you are a bodybuilder, or triathlete you will find suggestions as to how you can fit it into your primary fitness program without much difficulty. The focus is on natural movement patterns and how to increase your strength through those patterns.

If you haven’t gotten your copy, I’ll send you one via email, just tell me which address to mail it to.  Please feel free to leave your comments below. I love to hear what readers think.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kevindooley

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Tom Hardy Workout Routine Tom Hardy already built an impressive body for Bronson. His training was centered around working his muscles to exhaustion. He focused entirely on his upper body while avoiding lower body training. …

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The workout in this last video is just another example of how a very effective bodyweight workout routine is only limited by lack of imagination.

Michael Gordon Peterson, aka, Charles Bronson, was and is an incredibly strong man. He has spent more than 30 years in prison. Much of that time has been spent in solitary confinement due to his “demeanor”. While doing time Bronson developed an amazing physique as well as an incredible amount of strength doing body-weight exercises. He has written a book he titled “Solitary Fitness”. While the book does not glorify prison life nor endorse a criminal lifestyle, it does give a glimpse into the mind of a man that has spent a lot of time in the penal system. This can be disturbing at times. However, at the same time it catalogs his workout routine, his thoughts on fitness, and how a person could pass the time with nothing else to do. Most body-weight fitness fans love the book. You can read what others have said about the book by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

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