Do Resistance Bands Work?

An easy addition to your bodyweight exercise workout routine is resistance band training. Using them, you can effectively increase the resistance to most exercises you’re doing. But, if you want to do pull ups or chin ups you can also use the bands to decrease the resistance of your bodyweight and do more reps.

You can work harder with the lighter resistance and when you’re starting to fail, you can work lighter resistance with the thicker resistance bands.

Resistance bands inexpensive tool with many exercise uses
Some gyms have a hard time keeping rubber resistance bands stocked. They are small, portable and versatile, making them easy to stuff in a gym bag and take out the front door. For this reason, gyms may require you to check out bands from the trainers.”

My Calisthenics Journey:
Pull-ups are TOUGH, its an exercise that almost everyone struggles with at first. Its also one of the best exercises for your back and your upper body as a whole. The problem is that its hard to getting a decent amount of reps out of the exercises when you’re starting out. Due to this it can take people a long time to build up to being able to get numerous sets of 5 or more reps. This is where resistance bands and in particular rubberbanditz comes in.”

It’s smart to have a set ¬†of resistance bands, or at least 2-3 bands of different thicknesses or resistance. When you do this, you have different amounts of resistance so you can work you muscles to failure easier.