Core Workouts – Without Weights

Because of sedentary jobs and lifestyles your fitness program should include and emphasize strengthening your trunk and midsection of your body. Frequently people refer to this as the “core” of your body. It includes the abdominal muscles but also others that are actually deeper inside your body.
Because of an increase in sedentary jobs and lifestyles, many of the activities that actually helped us to keep our midsections strong have been automated or done away with. Medical research and common sense has suggested that weak trunk muscles contributes to increased back pain, increased waistlines, and general poor physical health.
Core workouts should be an important addition to any workout without weights or home exercise routine. They are different from most “abdominal” exercises in that they tend to be static and not dynamic. And, they appear to be simpler than more dynamic and ballistic ab exercises. However, don’t let that fool you. Done properly, core exercises will kick you right in your butt for intensity and difficulty.
I’ve added a video below to introduce you to what the main exercises are and how to do them.

The Evolution of Abs Exercises and Core Workouts

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