Door Gym Chin Up Bar

Do You Need A Door Gym Chin Up Bar?

Having a good Door Gym Chin Up Bar is essential for anyone designing their own workout without weights home fitness program. A complete upper body workout without weights has to include a series of back exercises. And in order to work the lats, rhomboids, and traps, you have to be able to do some exercises that require the pulling action rather than the lifting or pushing action.

While bodyweight pull ups or rows can be done simply by suspending a broomstick between a couple of bar stools, a door gym chin up bar is a whole lot more secure. Typical bars don’t require any type of permanent mounting to your door or wall and most are relatively easy to assemble.

Some doors don’t have moulding around them but there is a work around for this problem. What you need is a 3 foot strip of 1″x4″ pine (or any wood/moulding) that you can nail in place above the doorway on one side. Naturally, you may want to do this on a doorway that isn’t visible to company or in the middle of your living room.

2 Door Gym Chin Up Bar Models

There are a couple of models that I would recommend over others simply because the product brand can’t afford to put out crap products. Plus, these same companies have sold a lot of these products and I am sure that most of the bugs have been worked out of the designs. Let’s face it, this is how they make their money. No one will buy from them if the customer feels the company isn’t responsive. The two that I recommend are the P90X chin-up bar, and the Iron Gym chin-up bar.

Both of these have gotten good reviews from their customers but there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you plan on buying a door gym chin up bar. For starters you want to make sure that you know if its going to fit your door frame or not. These two products actually rely on the exisiting moulding around the door to help secure it in place. If you don’t have a door moulding/trim, or, it’s too wide or too narrow, you may have to do some modifications. These aren’t hard to do, it’s just a lot more convenient if you know that you have to do it before you start working out.

Another thing that we’ve found is that because the unit uses leverage with a bracing action against the door moulding it may damage the finish on the door frame. A simple way to get around this is to place something between the door frame and the chin up bar. This can be something like a couple of pieces of dense foam rubber, thick cardboard, or even some thick carpet.

Make Sure Your Door Gym Chin Up Bar Fits You.

Finally, the last things to consider prior to investing in a door gym chin up bar is your body type. Most of these units are rated for people who weight up to 300 lbs. While this isn’t a problem usually, you might find that you need to periodically tighten up the screws that hold the unit together. You wouldn’t want to find out that they’ve worked themselves loose while you’re in the middle of a workout session.

In addition, if you are tall, say 6’2″+, you may need to find a high doorway to put the door gym chin up bar in. The reason for this is that when you are hanging on it with your outstretched, you may find that your knees drag the ground and this will make working out pretty tough. Plus, it just looks funny!

Check out my “learning how to do pull ups” page for more ideas to max your pull up workout.

Best Tools To Do A Chin Up At Home

Chin ups or pull ups are probably the best way to work out the majority of back muscles using your own body weight for resistance. It not only will work on your back muscles, it will also target your abdominal muscles. This is because your abs have got to support your legs while they are hanging in the air.

Alot of people go through elaborate mechanics trying to secure a door gym chin up bar in their home or apartment. Some people get out the screw driver and drill and suspend a simple length of pipe in a door frame and they are good to go. However, I wouldn’t suggest that everyone take this route.

When you are thinking about doing chin ups or pull ups as part of a regular easy at home exercises, you will want to be sure that the bar you’ve put up is secure. But, you’ll also sleep better if you didn’t have to drill some holes into your wall or door too. A really simple solution is to get a door gym chin up bar like the Iron Gym or the P90X chin-up bar.

Each of these portable gyms will allow you to do even more than just pull ups. There are push ups and sit ups that you can use either for too. You can actually do all the essential home exercises with only one piece of equipment.

There are other ways that you can get some pull ups in, but it would probably save some time and headache on the front end by just getting a door way chin up bar that you can use without having to permanently drill it into place.

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