George St. Pierre Workout Routine

I wrote a post yesterday highlighting the upcoming UFC fight: George St. Pierre vs Koscheck on December 3rd, 2010 in Montreal Canada. I wanted to include some of GSP’s workout routines but I decided to do a post dedicated to his workout routines.

George St. Pierre’s Workout Routine

Over the years Georges (George) St. Pierre’s (GSP) workout routines have evolved to include many different aspects of physical fitness and even energy work that is prominent in some approaches to alternative medicine. This is evident by the fact that he can frequently be seen right before the opening bell of a fight massaging his upper chest right below the collar bone with one hand while simultaneously massaging the base of his skull with the other. For those interested this appears to be an Applied Kinesiology/Touch For Health technique to balance and boost his internal energy.

I am including in this post a look at some of his bodyweight exercise routines. If you watch closely you’ll be able to see him using a TRX suspension trainer in one of his workout sessions.

But as all well rounded athletes, he doesn’t just focus on bodyweight exercises. He does other exercises without weights and with weights too.

St. Pierre’s Exercise Program

Here’s a look inside the way that the best MMA fighter in the world trains.

GSP Workout

Various sources of Video. Courtesy of Mens Fitness, Adrenaline Performance.


GSP weight training

GSP shows his weight training

George St. Pierre Focuses On Total Personal Development

Another, and probably the most important, dimension of George St. Pierre’s training regimen is his devotion to improving his fighting techniques in all ranges of octogon combat. Anyone can see that his legs are extremely powerful and that his kicks can be devastating. But, his boxing and stiking is as good as anyone in the cage. But, more interesting is how he has developed his skill as a wrestler.

GSP’s introduction into martial arts at age seven was to study Kyokushin Karate. However, only more recently has he taken up wrestling and was known to practice with the Canadian Olympic wrestling team. His skills developed so fast and complete that he was able to handle Matt Hughes pretty easily. Hughes is an All American wrestler with high acheivements and is no slouch at all, made comments suggesting that he, himself, was very impressed with GSP’s wrestling.

In future posts I will also take a look at Josh Koscheck. I can’t wait to see the George St. Pierre vs Koscheck 2 fight. I think that this in going to be one of the best fights in either of these two guys careers.

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