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Team Koscheck suffered the first defeat in the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). A relatively entertaining episode gives some insights into how Koscheck’s and GSP’s training styles differ. For those who listened closely we get to peer into the psyches of the UFC’s welterweight champion and his number one contender.

I one memorable scene Josh Koscheck describes his style of coaching his fighters as “mindless training”. In a “Last Samurai” sort of way this could be spun in a positive way, but that’s not how Josh meant it. Josh wants his fighters to do what he says simply because he says it. True, he does have heaps more experience than the his trainees and has seen what works and what doesn’t. However, he had to learn these things for himself as any good fighter must do. He got in the octogon and banged with his opponents and, to his credit, learn a great deal from his mistakes. So much so that he in now able to get a title shot. This is what his team needs for themselves.

GSP, on the other hand, seems to be well aware of this. The champion has chosen to be the “training partner” for his whole team. This falls right in line with the impression that I have always had of GSP. He does not appear comfortable dictating to others what they should do, but appears to want them to learn for themselves how to be a better fighter. And, what better way to learn than to spar and wrestle with arguably the best fighter on the planet?

While team GSP may not win every fight, the strategies from the two coaches, when compared to each other, definitely lean in Team GSP’s favor. No one on team Koscheck, save for Josh himself, has anywhere near the experience and technical know how that GSP has. They won’t be able to give Team GSP anything close to the experience that they have had in their training sessions.

As far as Koscheck’s method goes, he himself has not had the opportunity to figure out by experience just how to beat GSP. So, what strategies does he have to offer that will beat these guys who have fought and sparred with someone Koscheck hasn’t even figured out?

If this episode is any indication of what lies ahead in December for these two, Koscheck might as well figure out how he’s going to get a rematch with the champ right now. Right from the start GSP has shown a superior intellect and strategy. From GSP’s suckering Koscheck into changing his game plan and team picks to the simple “belief” in his team that GSP demonstrates, it seems like this seasons TUF challenge is already decided. But, hey, I could be wrong. Let’s wait and see.

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