Types Of Push Ups

You can confuse your pec muscles by adding different types of push ups to your workout. Any muscle accommodates (or gets used to) to any specific and routine movements. Some people call this a plateau.  So, it’s a good idea to constantly change up the types of push ups, reps, sets and the amount of weight to avoid accommodation.

With each push up type you’ll work your muscles in a slightly different way. And, natch, it’s not just your pecs but your triceps, abs, and shoulder complex as a whole.

5 ways to pump up your fitness routine
Trainers call it “muscle confusion,” and it means surprising your body with a new exercise every now and then. So, every five workouts, swap in something new. Sick of squats? Switch to lunges for a spell. Try doing curls on one leg. ”

Sheryl Crow her toned figure in a rippling dress at a charity event to save
Sheryl does Beachbody trainer Tony Horton’s P90X workout DVDs at home, which focus on ‘muscle confusion’ to keep your body constantly challenged and induce change. Fit and fabulous: Sheryl showed off her toned figure, which she credits in part to P90X ”

Changing up your chest workout with different  types of push ups can work the whole chest better and faster.

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