Read This: How Sprint Intervals Burns Stubborn Fat.

Running sprint intervals doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest, and maybe even the funnest exercises that you can do.

Maybe that’s because it harkens back to those childhood days and gives you that feeling of complete freedom that so many of us miss.

This short article gives a quick and concise explanation of how to do sprint intervals and why you want to add them to your exercise routine. Enjoy.


Sprint intervals help you burn stubborn fat faster. Sprinting is one of the best ways to get your total body lean and toned.

Short bursts are proven fat burners. Train fast.

It is one of the least used exercises done by general exercisers. And, you don’t have to be fast, just run as fast as you can! To avoid injuries, always sprint on surfaces like grass, rubber floors or sand and never run on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Get the full story here