Upper Body Workouts Without Weights

Many people think that in order to get a good chest workout you need to lift a lot of weight or go to the gym a lot. however, if you don’t particularly like going to the gym for your workout routine, or, like many in this present economy, paying for a gym membership is not a priority you are not alone. But, fear not. There are many bodyweight exercises that target the chest and upper body and give you an excellent workout.
I always like to recommend that any good workout routine should be balanced hitting all major muscle groups. Unfortunately, many people, guys especially, work the chest more than they work their back muscles. This can lead to serious shoulder problems and limit your training.
A good upper body workout without weights will work the upper back as well as the chest. You will want to make an effort and balance each pushing exercise with a pulling exercise. The following video will walk you through how to do this safely, making sure you burn out those muscles!

5 best bodyweight chest exercises

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