What Muscles Do Chin Ups Work?

Chin ups work basically the same muscles and muscle groups that pull ups work. Namely the big back muscles of the latissimus dorsi and the biceps in the upper arm

There are others that come into play as the chin up movement involves shoulder extension and elbow flexion. As well as the muscles used to grip the bar itself.

Some people find that doing chin ups can be harder than doing pull ups. This is because you have to hold your arms at different angles with each exercise that some aren’t used to.

Secondary Muscles Worked by Chin Ups

So these secondary muscles will include the rhomboids and middle trapezius in the back. The rear delts as well as a couple of the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulders. And lastly the muscles that flex the elbow and gripping muscles of the forearm.

This doesn’t take into consideration your lower trunk also. The muscles targeted there depend on which position you keep your legs in. Generally, if your legs are in back of you then you are recruiting your low back extensor muscles. However, if you keep your legs in front, then you’re going to bring in your abdominals.

The chin up differs from the pull up because you use an underhand grip doing it and an overhand grip for the pull up. Take a look at the difference in the videos below.


How To Do Pull-ups and Chin-ups With Proper Technique 
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