Upper Body Workout Without Weights

When designing an upper body workout without weights knowing how to target specific muscles is most important. A good upper body workout will  include exercises for the chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms. You may want to include a good abdominal exercise too.

When doing an upper body workout without weights, most of your exercises will be  compound movements rather than isolated movements. This means you’ll be working several muscles and joints at the same time. However, a good upper body workout has to be planned and target the muscles in specific ways.

For instance, while the dip is a compound movement and is excellent for training the out and lower edges of the pecs and also hits the triceps, it may not be the best exercise to choose. I say this because it doesn’t really hit the delts. Doing the incline push-up may be a better choice working the delts, the pecs, and the triceps. Also, when working your upper back, rows and pull-ups will work the same muscle groups, but in different ways.

While it’s possible to incorporate several movements that work the same region, when starting out, you may just want to pick one movement per muscle group. This will allow you to increase strength, but will prevent over training and confusion regarding your overall workout plan.

An Upper Body Workout Without Weights is just like working your upper body with weights. You’ll want to work in modified split routines working muscle groups every other day or so.

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