Workout Without Weights At Home

You can get a satisfying workout without weights at home. This can be done simply and easily when you are in the habit of doing what’s called bodyweight or no weight exercises. This just means that you aren’t using dumbbells, barbells, or any type of equipment for resistance. The only resistance is you lifting or supporting your body weights against gravity.

Many people don’t realize that an easy way to workout at home is to specifically do body weight exercises. They think that, since you aren’t lifting weights or using machines that you cannot get a good workout in. This is a misconception that a lot of people have and isn’t true.

I would like to suggest that if you chose to do a workout without weights at home and were honest about it, that you would actually get a better workout than if you went to the gym. You want proof? Alright, how many push ups can you do right now? How many sit ups can you do? Can you do any pull ups? How many?

If you are like the average person, you will only be able to crank out a few repetitions of the movements listed above. This isn’t an indication that you are weak. This is simply an indication of how strong you are actually. Most people when they go to the gym like to lift only the amount of weight that they can comfortably lift doing 3 sets of 10 reps. It’s easy to adjust the weight to where you are comfortable and do your 30 reps. However, this could give you the false sense of security that you are actually doing more work than you think you are.

When you do bodyweight exercises, there is no cheating. There is only your bodyweight and gravity. The more you can lift your own body weight against gravity, the stronger your overall body is going to be. Doing bodyweight exercises will help you to build strong, dense muscles. And, while your muscles may not get super huge, they will get bigger and more defined. Consistent training will improve your coordination, metabolism to burn more calories, physique, and mental outlook.

Plus there may be another added advantage to doing a workout without weights at home. Namely, you spouse or sig other will enjoy watching you workout. It may even be an opportunity to do something else together. There is just something about watching the human form move, isn’t there?

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